How did I get into presenting?


I believe it all started when I was 4 years old. Mum and Dad enrolled me into Ballet and I fell in love with being on stage. Most of my childhood was spent in a leotard with my hair plastered with gel, slick back in a bun, and I loved every minute of it. I was part of Farrell Academy of Dance under the guidance of my dance teachers; Miss Susan, Miss Kylie and Miss Georgina.

Growing up I had a lot on my plate, not only did I dance but I did athletics, cross country, nippers, singing lessons, homework and not to mention I was a kid so I loved playing outside. While I was busy all of these activities helped to shape me into the driven person I am today.

During high school I entered a competition at Dolly Mag, and to my surprise I won! It was a competition to go to the finale of Australian Idol with 10 of my friends. From winning this competition I created an ongoing relationship with Dolly, and spent a lot of time in there. I did a bit of modelling for them and I also became the voice of teen kids.

From there I started to do a bit more modelling, but to be completely honest, it made me uncomfortable and I didn’t really like it. So I continued my journey to become a dancer. Dancing opened a lot of doors for me, and I even found myself dancing in India, LA, around Australia, FIJI and New York.

As my schooling years came to an end all of my friends were looking into going to university, full time dance or acting courses… I felt completely lost…



While I liked the idea of UNI I didn’t want to go just for the sake of going, I had good grades but no idea what I wanted to study. So I made a quick decision to feed that burning desire to become a performer and started at Brent Street full time dance.

I had an agent growing up (Mel from Agent M) so I was constantly auditioning. From a young age I was exposed to the emotional roller coaster you call ‘The Industry.”

In 2008 I booked my dream job, working at Hong Kong Disneyland. It was my first year out of school and it just couldn’t have come at a better time. I left full time dance and packed my bags for Hong Kong. HK was an integral part of my life and I learnt so much living away from home. One of the most important skills I picked up was cooking. This is the time in my life where I started to nourish my body properly! **I was a bit unhealthy growing up but that’s another story!

Hong Kong was fantastic, I made so many lifelong friends from all over the world (love you guys!) and had the opportunity to travel through Asia in our down time.

I did only do one contract in Hong Kong because I had this itching feeling that there was something more.


By this stage my passion for dance had come to an end. I had learnt so much from all of my teachers and will never regret those years I dedicated to dance…

So what was next… I had no idea.


I was picked up by a small online fashion company, at first I did a bit of modelling for them but as I mentioned before modelling was not my jam… So instead they trained me to be their presenter/ host! Which was fantastic, this is where I fell in love with presenting!!!

We would go out and interview people at events BUT there was no money involved at this stage. I was poor, struggling, yet so determined to make it work! I worked in retail, I was a friends EA and did a bit of promo work too. Gotta pay those bills!

I was extremely pro-active. Mum and Dad bought me a video camera and I invested in a microphone. I’d interview people on the street and create my own content. These videos never really were uploaded anywhere but it was feeding that creativity.

Vlogging was only just kicking off, so I approached Supre and asked if they wanted to start their own vlog! I WAS STOKED, THEY SAID YES!

This was a fantastic way for me to let my creative flare run wild. I would go to music festivals, hit the streets and interview teens or just vlog from my room. Not only did I host but I would film, edit and write all of my own content, I loved and still love the whole process!

I worked with a number of other organisations but presenting was still something that didn’t financially support me… I was constantly auditioning for all of music shows, like channel V search for a presenter… but never seemed to land a job.

A few of my friends moved to Singapore to work at Universal, so I decided to go and visit them. Well that visit turned into me setting down for a while. My gorgeous friend Lauren Atkins let me stay with her until I found my feet. I met with a handful of agencies but none of them seemed to be the right fit. There was one I had my eye on… they knocked me back a few times but I was persistent, and eventually they decided to give me a go!

I worked with some pretty big brands in Singapore, hosting events for Nike, Mac Makeup and Fuji to name a few…but it was a hard slog, I was still so new to presenting and started to miss home. I was also really stressed… my skin broke out and my body was just out of whack and I would call home everyday, so I took it as a sign, packed up my stuff and headed home.


So here I was, back to square one. Sometimes you take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back… I was working in retail again, wondering what my next move would be.



Hi-5 were looking for a new cast member, so I auditioned for that role. It was a fairly long audition process with hundreds of people… Singing had never been my strong point but I gave it all I had!!!!

I wasn’t cast as the newest member but I was asked to be their swing/ puppeteer. This was a pretty fantastic opportunity!! As a swing I had to learn the 5 different roles and if one cast member was unwell I would slot in and do the show. I was also their puppeteer, so I would sit in a box with my arm up in the air singing along!

I toured with Hi-5 for about a year and a half, and although I loved it, being a puppeteer was not what I wanted to do!

INSERT DREAM JOB ______________ 

An audition came up for Saturday Disney, I had already auditioned for them a few years ago but back then it wasn’t the right time… They called me in for a fun day of interviews, double dog dares and meeting the team. I left the audition feeling really good, like I wouldn’t have changed anything about my performance. Well a few weeks later the producer called and asked if I would like to join the Saturday Disney team… I think I responded with a high pitched scream! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

I feel privileged to have worked on an iconic Aussie show like Saturday Disney. Our role was much more than that of a presenter, we wrote our stories, researched, pitched ideas, did voice overs, set up our interviews, sourced and made props and edited our work- as I mentioned before ALL THE THINGS I LOVE DOING- THE WHOLE PROCESS! Disney also gave us the opportunity to travel not only around Australia but internationally. I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and interview some pretty interesting/ inspirational people.

Our team was extremely small and it was sad to see the show end, but those memories will be with me forever!!


Whilst juggling the crazy journey of SD I also decided to study, I enrolled into Nature Care College and in 2016 I had my Nutrition Certificate. This is around the time that Liv and I met and both bonded over green juices, quinoa and a burning desire to create exactly what we are doing NOW!

Which leads me to around about now… I guess the title would be freelance host. I work with Hoyts as their host, Seven Sport, Roxy Fitness and a number of other organisations/ brands.

Everything happens for a reason, and while it was sad to see Saturday Disney end, new opportunities and doors have opened. I am so excited and thrilled for you all to be on the journey that is Liv and Teigs, we have so much in store and are PUMPED for our first workshop in just under 2 weeks!

<3 T

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  1. Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams says:

    So amazing to see you doing such incredible things, honestly you and Liv are such huge role models to me and you’re the type of person I hope to be


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