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Name: Teigan Nash 

I am 27 years young.

I Grew Up In… on the beaches of Cronulla 😉 

Liv describes me in 5 words…Kind, positive, REAL, driven, fun, SUNSHINE (Yes i know that is 6. Try and stop me!) 

For a living… I’m a bit of a slashie, (isn’t everyone these days!) I’m a TV host and I also love to get creative, do a bit of writing and producing. 

When I’m not working/ hustling/ trying to take over the world/ being a unicorn, you will find me…  (HOBBIES)… I am a big homebody, I love being in my space and spending time with my close friends and family. I also love the ocean and beach so in Summer thats where you’ll find me, or cruising around on my bike. I dabble in yoga and often don’t mind a bit of a good sweat session at the gym! 

If I could only eat 3 foods for the rest of my life… What a tough question, I really had to think on this for a while… LIKE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! Ok, it would have to be, sweet potato, avocado and salmon! (but I also love chocolate too and papaya and grapes… seriously tough decision) 

I am inspired by… my friends and family. I love talking to my friends about their passions and dreams, what they want to do in life, then seeing that come true. My friends and family inspire me and support me in whatever I want to do, and i think that is the most important thing, surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up, the people who are going to bring the best out in you. 

I am super passionate about…being true to yourself. I think we are living in a very different world to what we were when I was growing up as a teen. Social media is booming and its a fantastic tool but it also has its cons. Do you ever find yourself browsing on SM wishing you were doing what someone else was? Wishing you looked a certain way? Its often hard to differentiate what is actually real and what is fake. Remember a lot of people only want you to see the good times on SM, its a glorified version of someones life. So my advice, don’t spend too much time “MINDLESSLY BROWSING” do things for yourself, activities that make you feel good!! 

I am grateful for… my upbringing. My brother and I were lucky enough to have grown up in Cronulla, we both went to schools in the city but were brought up with good work ethics, a strong support network and values towards life, this is a testament to my parents. Thanks for always supporting both of us in whatever we want to do! SHOUTOUT TO HAITI AND GREG!! Also shout out to my BF, thanks for supporting my dreams and having to eat my sometimes weird but extremely tasty recipes! 🙂 

A quote to live by… “BE BOLD, BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU” 


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