How did I get to where I am today…

Probably not how you’d imagine!

Alirighty, let story time begin…

All through primary and high school I loved singing, acting, dancing… really just anything entertainment! I’m such an introvert. (For those who don’t know me- note the sarcasm). But in year 9 I realised I didn’t want to be an actress, I wanted to be a TV Presenter. It excited me that you could connect with people, entertain them and teach them something simply by being YOU. It sounded exciting and daunting all at the same time.

When I got to year 12 I realised that there wasn’t really anything to study that was super practical and would guarantee me a Presenting job. After all, this industry of shiny floors and bright lights was brutal, competitive and hard enough to crack as it was. SO I decided to go to uni and do something else I loved and was interested in making a career of, and work at Presenting on the side. That way I’d always have a back up.

With that, off I trotted to LaTrobe Uni in Melbourne to study a double degree of Psychology and Occupational Therapy. I was balancing working 3 jobs (waitress Phyland), playing netball 8 times a week (overkill), and studying (nerding hard). A year in, I wasn’t enjoying uni and was over city life, so opposite to what every other normal person would do, I transferred to the country. Bendigo Uni was my home for the next 2 years and was the most incredible time of my life! Not only did I have a ball, I met the most free spirited, best friends I will have for ever.

Slight problem, at the end of the Psychology degree, I didn’t want to be a Psychologist. I still desperately wanted to be a TV Presenter… butttt hadn’t done anything to make that happen. Crap, not ideal! So, I finally did something about it. I started doing some volunteer and Extra work but would always mention that my dream was Presenting. It was someone who was taking behind the scenes shots at a 3 day volunteer gig (yep, no payment people!) that overheard this, and 3 months down the track sent me (and 20 others) a link to an application saying- “A Nation Wide Search for 2 new ABC3 Hosts”. My 2 presenting dream gigs had always been- Kids TV and a Travel Show. This could be my chance to tick off dream numero uno!? Ammaright??

Ok, so having ZERO experience didn’t instil alllllot of confidence. By that I mean zilch. BUT even though I thought I had no chance of getting the job, I also thought “you HAVE to start somewhere and you have to be in it to win it”. With that, I made a ridiculous and random audition tape, sent it in, and went back to my uni exams thinking nothing of it. Two weeks later I got a call saying I had an audition. WHAT!? Why?? Act cool. Didn’t act cool at all. Ran around the house fist pumping.

I went to my audition (top 8 girls and guys from Victoria) thinking for my ‘2 min prepared piece’ now would be a great time to take up rapping. Um sorry what! Liv, Why?? Just, WHY? (Face palm). I was awful. Never had been infront of the camera before and ended up pinned against the back wall of the studio, thinking the camera was invading my personal space, oh and yep, stopped and started my rap 10 times. If you’d like a taste of the first and only line I seemed to remember- “Yo my name is Livsta, and I’m a hipster”. Safe to say that was the start AND END of my rapping career. The rest of the day was slightly better with scripts they gave us… but still cringe worthy. I left that afternoon like “Bye Felicia, thanks for the embarrassing experience”.

Then the weirdest thing happened… I GOT A CALL BACK!! They chose 1 girl and guy from each state for the final round of auditions and somehow the zero-experienced-rapping-failure managed to be Victoria’s chosen one. So. blooming. confused!

Round 2. The final audition. The top girl and guy from each State. Everyone was brilliant, experienced and confident. (Apart from that Liv chick who wore a bright red bonnet she found at the op shop and had no idea what she was doing). This time for my ‘2 min prepared piece’ I ditched the rapping, thank goodness common sense kicked in, and decided to do the most normal thing I am capable of… dressed up as a sheep (cotton balls stuck all over me) and did an improv piece about sheep and aliens. Sweeeeet. The rest of the day was spent doing scripts with the 2 original hosts.

At the end of the day they brought everyone in and thanked us for coming, but said “one last thing, let’s just go around the circle and tell us your previous experience”. ERMAGAWWWD. No thank you. This audition was the first time I’ve ever been infront of the camera. Let me out of this small room claustrophobic with talented humans. As that was said (yelled) internally, no one heard and continued on answering the question. “I’ve been in this short film. This Ad. NIDA for the last however many years. This TV show” were just a few of the answers. I was last, trying to convince myself that this was it. The time to punch my conscience in the face and tell a white lie. To say I had SOME experience. Just at least say an ad Liv. Ok here we go, my turn, lucky last of the group, white lie time…. nope. Accidentally word vomited this instead- “I have no experience whatsoever. I’ve been in Bendigo for the last few years studying Psych.   (pause for crickets)   But thanks so much, I’ve had a great day. Goodluck everyone. Bye!”

Two weeks later, I got the job. WHAT IS LIFE!? I told them “this is your chance to retract your offer as I literally don’t know what I’m doing”. Their response- “no no it’s great,  we can just mould you to what we need”. Was this happening? Did being the biggest battler actually just work in my favour!?

I graduated from Psych, moved back to Melbourne and started at ABC3, my absolute dream job. I learnt everything on the job and fell in love with it more and more every single day. Playing dress ups for a living, laughing to the point of crying all day erryday, and working with your best friends who turned into family… it doesn’t get any better than that! And I promise you, not one day in 4 years did I ever take it for granted.

Sidenote- While working at ABC3 I also studied Integrative Nutrition online, graduating as a Health Coach. Not necessarily knowing what I wanted to do with this qualification at the time, but it was more of a hobby, to keep learning and to also feed my passion for health and wellbeing.

THEN almost 2 years ago now, it was time to spread my wings and leave my little love nest I called Studio 3. I auditioned for a music show called The Loop with Channel Ten up in Sydney, alongside my good mate Scott Tweedie. After a pretty intense 3 month audition process, I got the job and moved to my dream location; Bondi Beach. And as some would say, the rest is history!!

Right now (March, 2017), I am living by the beach, working as a Presenter and also making my Passion Project come to life; starting workshops for teenage girls.

Moral of my long winded story (what, Liv? long winded story?.. never!)… is that it doesn’t matter where you start, or what experience you do or don’t have, it matters that you have a dream, you back yourself, you dive in head first, and you stay authentically you.

Peace n Love hippies

Liv xo

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  1. Jean Woodyatt
    Jean Woodyatt says:

    This is the best thing I can hear right now! I’m in yr 12 and I want to pursue acting when I graduate but but the uncertainty of the industry scares me a lot, as there is no guarantee I’ll get a job. Its so great to hear that you were once in the same boat but you’ve achieved so much!!
    Thank you Liv!!!!

  2. Paige Attard
    Paige Attard says:

    This is my inspiration I remember the first time you where on ABC 3 when I was 8 . I what to go to university and study communications or journalism or meotroloy as what to be a news reporter (weather girl) this show me “anyone can be anything” At it’s finest ♡♡♡

  3. Tara Sheridan
    Tara Sheridan says:

    I’m so glad this popped up in my news feed and I got to reminisce on your journey!! Love love love that your time in Bendigo still holds such a huge place in your heart. You were always destined for great things! You go Glen Coco xx

  4. Annalise
    Annalise says:

    Omg Liv! I can relate to this so much and you have really helped me by sharing your experience! I was to do TV presenting and youtubing etc, but I am currently in high school doing all subjects for nursing and science! You have really helped me realise that I can have the best of both worlds and do the 2 things I love at the same times and I would like to thank you! Ps. You are amazing and a great role model!

    Annalise xo

  5. Tari Mushati
    Tari Mushati says:

    So…I finished my green tea before reading this. Ready to soak it all in and I know its gonna be one motivating read!!

  6. James Faulkner
    James Faulkner says:

    Hahaha! Just watched you present the weather on TEN Eyewitness News @ 5…. and then thought “I don’t know this girl! She did a wonderful job! Who is she??!!”……
    Now I know! You are a credit to yourself, your tenacity and dedication to the dreams you held closest! Good on you! I wish you well in your career and life in general. I think you would make a great role model for people like my youngest daughter!

  7. Hayley
    Hayley says:

    Liv I aspire to be just like you! I am only young and I have big dreams of living at Bondi and getting to go surfing in every second of my spare time. I love your enthusiasm. Right now I am not quite sure what I would like to do as a job that I love- maybe fashion design, interior design, health and wellbeing or even a presenter just like you. You are such a lovely and positive roll model to look up to. I have been watching you on TV and your bloody great. I feel like if I ever got the opportunity to meet you, you would be my instant best friend. I love who you have become and continue to be amazing xo

  8. Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams says:

    I remember literally watching you on ABC3 when i was 10…10!! Now I’m sitting here reading this with a huge smile on my face. It’s so amazing to see you do such great things, honestly so encouraging and inspirational. I aspire to be like you xo


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