Liv’s Double Life

Have you ever felt that you live a “Double life”? … Dat me!

I’m half bogan, half fansssay.

Half country bumpkin, half city slicker.

Half spontaneous, half lover of routine.

Confused? Don’t worry… so am I.

Basically, I grew up in the country. I’m from Wagga and will always call that ‘Home’… But have also lived in Holbrook (population me… and a Submarine. I’m not kidding, see below), Bacchus Marsh (home of the mighty Cobras. I played netball for the town for 12 years) and Bendigo (Uni student menace. Most fun years of my life).

BUT, I’ve also lived in the big smoke for half of my life… Melbourne for my High School Days, and the 4 years after Uni working at ABC3. My second city stint- where I live now… beautiful Sydney! I live in the cliché Bubble we call Bondi and love it!!!

This is a perfect example of how I can, and enjoy living in the city… but I also absolutely crave going back to the country. Which is why I make sure I do it regularly.

I work in the land of TV and absolutely ADORE my job. I worked on a kids show for 4 years, and have now been with Channel Ten on a music show called the Loop, for 2 and a half years. I am beyond grateful to do something I love and that never feels like a chore every single day.

With working in the media comes pretty clothes, fancy events, a camera in your face, heavy make up, hair I would never be able to construct myself, and the things that make me a wobbly baby giraffe… high heels. While these things are certainly glamorous, fun and a novelty… I also recognised straight away, that I could not let these things consume me. I could not lose sight of the girl from Wagga, my inner bogan, a feral who HATES wearing shoes… I could not lose sight of what got me into the TV world to start with… being authentically ME.

So, when I moved to Sydney and realised that this really was the home of the rat-race, I knew that to make this work, I had to find true balance. With that, I get to enjoy TWO very different worlds every single week. Half of the week is spent in at Channel Ten, writing, filming, playing dress ups, doing interviews, sitting in the make up chair, going to events, wearing beautiful clothes, and meeting and socialising with people I have stalked in gossip magazines for years. The other half of the week is spent getting up at 5:30 every morning, going to the beach rain, hail or shine, not wearing shoes, rocking up to the work every day in old active wear, spending time with family, and surrounding myself with genuine, extremely down to earth, good energy, positive, real friends.

Time to ESCAPE

Then, on weekends… I will ESCAPE! As I mentioned, I crave beautiful countryside, the coast, or even going to visit family back in the country. So, as soon as I clock off work for the week, I will jump straight back in my trackies, pack up the car and just drive. Swapping the hustle and bustle for nature and simplicity. The only set plan- to switch off, ground myself, regroup and reset. I then come back ready to tackle the rat race.

Roadtrips, adventures, camping weekends… They don’t cost a damn thing and make you feel so alive. There’s truly something amazing about not having plans. Not having to be ‘on’. And my favourite… not having to shower. Yasss!

The other week I got to test out the new Ford Escape, and thought, “Perfecto, I’ll trial it on one of these cheeky adventures of mine”. So my boyfriend, best friend, her boyfriend and I, piled up the Ford Escape with our camping gear, surfboards and guitar, and drove to stunning Jervis Bay.

It passed test number one- maximum space for all my unnecessary props. I always get teased about how many activities, toys and games I pack to go camping. (Yeah who’s laughing when my tent has fairy lights, prayer flags, baskets, doormats, instruments, doonas, a queen size triple decker inflatable mattress and 7 thousand hippy cushions for decoration? Not me). Sorry got a little carried away. Anyway, with the back seats all folded down, this all fit like an absolute Christmas treat.

We cruised down the highway with the panoramic sunroof (how OTT) open, while singing way too loudly. Yep, it passed another two tests:

1) I’ve never had a car with a sunroof. So I instantly felt 75% cooler… and like I was on film clip. Naturally.
2) The SYNC 3 was perfect for my double disc RnB Fridays mix, and old school James Blunt. You think I’m joking. I’m not.

We arrived in the National Park, pitched our tent in the dark, cooked brekkie on my beloved gas stove, chilled with kangaroos, swam in crystal clear water, read books in our tepee, played guitar, had beach picnic dinners, lay in the sand looking at the stars… and switched off social media!

My advice to you… Escape. Adventure. Explore!

Even if you hate camping or don’t have a whole weekend… just jump in the car and go for a day adventure. Get out in nature. Surround yourself with good energy. Play. Or even just try going screen-free for a Sunday. Find ways to nourish your SOUL!

Love your activity-junkie mate, Liv x

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