Ah, ye old muscle burning, ab building, booty sculpting… Physicore.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t take credit for discovering this insane workout. All credit goes to my boyfriend Nick. He came across it in America and then started going back in Sydney. When he would go on about how incredible the workout was, I’d be all like, “mmmkay, yeah sure mate. I’ve done a reformer class before. I know it’s hard”. He would always tell me that it was different, the machines are next level, and the whole experience is like “reformer on steroids”.

So, I finally agreed to do a class.





Sorry about the pause. That was to reflect how I died for the 50 minute length of the class. My god! He was right (for the first and only time, obviously), it was so much harder than any reformer class I had done before. It made me feel muscles that I didn’t even know existed. It made me realise how weak I actually am. And that I am as slow as a snail… yep, the exercises are back to back with barely any transition time. It was like I was getting cardio and the pilates burn all in one. I was hooked.

That was about 5 months ago. Since then, I have committed to at most, one class a week. Why only 1? Because it’s so good that’s all I ‘thought’ I needed.

Let me tell you, with just one class a week I have noticed a huge change in my body, and I am not just saying that. Like I said, I’m an activity junkie…. from surfing, swimming, walking, cardio group classes, yoga, pilates, hiking… you name it, I’ll be trying to squeeze it in at the crack of dawn. I was extremely active… but my body wasn’t really changing… regardless of exercise or food. Around November last year I noticed that my body was responding so much to my ONE class of Physicore a week… I felt leaner, stronger and my posture was better. Lot’s of people asked me what I was doing… and I would always say the only main difference is Physicore… some cardio training (with Agoga), and also learning to meditate and slow. down! This may seem strange, but for me trying to stop running on adrenaline has also been a huge game change. Sidenote- I still have a very long way to go with both of those things.

Which brings me to my latest challenge! At the start of this year, I was asked to come on board Physicore’s “MegaMorph Project”… for the month of March, committing to at least 3-4 classes a week, practising mindfulness and eating well. I bloody LOVE a challenge, desperately need someone or something holding me accountable, mindfulness is my main goal for 2018, and “YASSS, I’M GOING TO BE RIPPED”, was secretly the initial thought I had. And let’s be honest, I was still the weakest and slowest in class… so my results were going to have the most growth. It’s true… even the lovely teachers can agree with that one. So with all those factors combined, I was extremely excited to sign on to this challenge!

My main goals for this month…

  • To make it to 4 classes a week. Which can be hard because I’m often away from Friday to Monday.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Eat clean.
  • Prioritise sleep!!
  • Become stronger, more present, leaner and feel my absolute best!!

Letzzz do it!!!






Okely dokely, 9 days into March, 5 classes in the bag baby!

I did my 4 classes back to back this week as I was away last weekend and have just gone away for work again today. But I was committed to getting. It. Done!

I was expecting to feel so ridiculously sore, but I actually felt pretty great backing it up. Even though today I feel like I have whiplash… but I’m pretty sure that’s because I danced like a maniac for an hr straight last night. Guys, It’s hard being Beyonce *hair flick*.


Things I did well to help my training/ challenge this week…

  • Upped my magnesium intake, to help my muscles recover.
  • Most of my meals were home cooked and nutritious.
  • Got to 4 classes on top of a super busy schedule.


My performance improved by…

  • Feeling more confident with my transitions… rather than taking a year to get into the next pose/ exercise.
  • Already feeling stronger.

Things I want to make my focus for next week-

  • Less. Stress! I was a bit of an emotional wreck at the start of the week, so let sleep and mindfulness go straight out the window. So next week I want to prioritise sleep and meditation daily.
  • Stop eating chocolate/ sweets after every bloody meal! My lord. I think I was craving it more this week because of being stressed and tired. I don’t believe in depriving myself… but I definitely was eating like it was going out of fashion.
  • Do 4 classes of Physicore.
  • Stretch!


Liv xx

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