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Name: Liv Phyland 

I am 26 Years young.

I Grew Up In… wow, hardest question of all time. I’ve been a bit of a gypsy! I’m from Wagga but have also lived in Holbrook (submarine town..?), Bacchus Marsh, all over Melbourne, Bendigo and now Bondi Beach.

Teigs describes me in 5 words… Energetic, BUBBLY, Mermaid, Loyal, Caring

For a living I … work inside your television. I am a TV Presenter and Health Coach. I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology, A Health Coaching degree with IIN, was a presenter on the kid’s channel ABC3 for 4 years, and now host a music show with Channel Ten called The Loop.

When I’m not working/ hustling/ trying to take over the world/ being a unicorn, you will find me… eating. Oh, I also enjoy surfing, yoga, road trips, singing, dancing till the point I give myself whiplash, reading menus, cookbooks and lame love novels, laughing, and basically anything to do with the ocean!

If I could only eat 3 foods for the rest of my life… avocados, salmon and pumpkin. (can I also please give a big shoutout to sweet potato chips and raw caramel slice. ILY.)

I am inspired by… people who take big risks to chase their dreams and not settle for a life that doesn’t excite them. I am inspired by those who prove the haters wrong. I am inspired by positive, passionate, kind hearted dreamers!

I am super passionate about… happiness!! This life was designed to be LIVED. To have energy, to feel vibrant, to laugh, to be motivated, and to have fun every single day. I am passionate about empowering others to love themselves and their life!

I am grateful for… my family’s unwavering support and love since day dot. For my down to earth, high-on-life, loyal friends. For a job I absolutely adore. For living next to the ocean. For a positive, adventurous spirit. And for my health!

A quote to live by… The quote I used to walk around the house yelling sporadically all through high-school, and had pinned on my wall for about 10 years… “THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!” (Seriously though, how exciting it that!? We can do whatever we want! We can be whoever we want to be!)

And what I am constantly preaching today… “Be brave enough to be authentically you!!”


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  1. Jo
    Jo says:

    Reckon choc chip cookies missed the favourite food list Hope you will do one of these in Melb , I will be the first one there . You are inspiring Liv


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