Girls Who Glow

We are two TV Presenters with a passion for empowering the younger generation to live their healthiest, happiest and best lives.

During our years on Kids TV, we were inundated with messages from teens about anything from bullying, anxiety, depression, social media, eating disorders, exam stress, school
pressures, toxic friendship, and more. We soon realised, that if we combined our demographic, studies in the health industry, contacts in media, and genuine passion to promote a
balanced, positive, and happy life… we could help young girls all around the country, one workshop at a time.

With that… Girls who Glow was born.

Testimonials from our Glow Bugs

“We felt very privileged to take part in the amazing Girls Who Glow event in Sydney. Liv and Teigs are seriously two of the biggest rays of sunshine we’ve ever met. As the mum of a teenage girl myself, their mission of empowering young girls to love themselves, love each other and to lift each other up is a cause close to my heart. Their message is clear: ‘You’re perfect exactly as you are, so go out there and GLOW!’”

“Thank you both for the best day ever!! It was so inspirational and inspiring and I wish these workshops existed when I was 11. Thank you girls from the bottom of my heart! No words can describe how much today has helped me already!”

“You two were just amazing for our young girls… it’s a difficult path for young’ns these days.. so much going on… HUGE thank you to both of you angels… from the mum who cried… xx”

McDonald College

“A big thank you to you beautiful girls and the amazing work you do! Our girls were literally raving about the session.
I think it is so important for them to have such positive role models, especially in the entertainment industry. The work you are doing is really making a difference in the lives of young women.
Thank you so much for coming to our school, sharing your stories and advice and spreading the love. It was truely an amazing and inspiring day.”

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